This Top Level Domain is for sale for €85,000,000.00.You may offer less than the amount of money I set the initial price at.E-mail   The original picture and the required 250X250DPI I used has great distortion so much so that I can not read the numbers.If anyone knows how to correct the the distortion at the required DPI email me.I do not know how.There is the choice of not taxing but forbidding the production of carbon into the atmosphere of Earth according to The Earthspaceport Constitution.I regret all decisions to tax  or put another way to use wealth instead of  knowledge.Knowledge that reducing the Carbon that is released into the atmosphere of Earth is reduced as much as possible immediately to enable peaceful success in space.The name of this is Earth Atmospheric Carbon Control,'reduction and elimination' Inernational Law of Earth. Laser was used to create the number line.See this link: .

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